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Product Name : Pneumatic Dump Truck Pump
Product Description
Model No. : KP-1403-88
Q'ty Inquiry
ModelWorking power
Cylinder bore x stroke
Oil tank capacity
KPM-140 4.5 Ø154x450 1190x440x330 Approx. 210 5
KPM-150 6 Ø154x660 1480x470x430 Approx. 280 15
KPM-160 8 Ø160x770 1770x830x400 Approx. 380 34
KPM-180 12 Ø183x880 1770x610x510 Approx. 520 38
KPM-220 20 Ø220x880 2020x640x550 Approx. 630 40

Hydraulic pump
ModelStandard revolution
Working pressure
KP-35A 800 34.7 140 10
KP-55A 800 55 140 13
KP-75A 800 72 140 21
KP-1403 A/C 800 136.1 140 37
KP-1505 A/C 800 162 140 38

Special Features

  1. Great power
    The perfect X-support hoist is designed to provide exceptional power and to be more rigid.
  2. Outstanding stability
    Upon pressurizing the X-shape support, the body would be lifted up to dump out payload with outstanding stability.
  3. Protect the chassis frame from damage
    Distribute the weight evenly to enable the frame work effectively and protect the chassis frame from damage.

Hydraulic Drive Assembly Diagram


Typicalc Installation


Tentsuki Hoist Compostion

Hoist Cylinder Assembly

Lift Arm

Tension Link

Trunnion Bracket

Body Bracket

Cylinder Support Assembly

Pneumatic Hose

Hydraulic Hose

Oil Reservoir

Body Hinge Assembly

Drive Shaft Assembly

Control Wire


Note : Shall consult with customer in regard to piping, sub-frame and power take off(PTO).
※ Specifications in this catalog are subject to change for improvement without notice.